No Tip Restaurant Opens in Philly


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I received this email from a restaurant worker at her wit’s end:

“My boss is so cheap he won’t provide us with the things we need to make kitchen run smoothly. We stay packed every day, yet I know the health department will shut us down [if things don’t change.]

He refuses to hire a manager.
He expects employes to micro manage and everything run smoothly when he wont even provide us with proper cleaning equipment.
He has 4 to 5 waitresses and 2 cooks and its total chaos.

[I am paid] minimum wage but the owner tells me to micromanage everyone. I really do value my job and every suggestion his response is…he went to college and so my opinion doesn’t matter. He has people who have worked there for 17 years and treats us all so poorly. Please come help set this restaurant and my boss straight.”

How sad for workers to have to work under these conditions. A restaurant in Philly aims to change all this with a no-tip policy and reasonable hourly wages and benefits for employees. At Girard Brasserie and Bruncherie, a french-inspired restaurant, workers get paid $13 per hour and have vacation and sick leave, even health insurance.

The restaurant policy is the brain child of co-owner Brian Oliveira. His philosophy is this policy creates happier workers, which lead to a more friendly environment, making diners want to come back.

Restaurant workers make up about 10 percent of the work force. The average hourly wage for employees that make tips is $2.13. After taking tips into account, that equates to a median wage of $8.25 an hour, or just over $17,000 per year for a full-time employee.

What do you think? Would you patronize such an establishment?

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