Online Retailer Review: Scammed and Shammed scam This is the bag advertises on their site is an online retailer of trendy clothes and accessories. They were heavily advertising on Facebook late last fall. After seeing multitudes of ads, I finally clicked on one to take me to Hey I was just wasting time on Facebook so I might as well spend some time checking out the beautiful clothes from

For women it is difficult to buy clothes online without trying them on, unless you specifically know how a brand fits you. So although the clothes looked amazingly attractive, I was leery to purchase from an online retailer not knowing how they would fit. However, I was in the market for a new carry on travel bag, and had a blue suede one that I found irresistible.

Since the bag was only going to be around $30 with shipping I considered it to be a small investment to find out how the quality of products, their service and if I would want to buy from them. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until getting to the checkout area. Here you are asked if you want to add insurance to your order for a couple bucks and even further if you want to pay extra for a tracking number. What?? scam

This is the bag advertises on their site

But the suede bag looked so beautiful, I just knew it’d be worth the wait (somewhere between 25 – 35 days according to I blindly neglected any insurance or tracking information and completed my purchase. Paying with Paypal, I made the purchase right around Thanksgiving 2014 (November 26th). By Christmas, no bag had turned up.

With no customer service number to call, as everything is manufactured and shipped from China, I began to worry by mid January. Logging into, you can email support. Their answer, was always that my parcel had shipped and to just be patient. Determining that I’d been scammed, I tried to involve Paypal, but since I’d waiting more than 60 days, they wouldn’t help. See below pictures of the bag as it really is.

bait and switch scam site

Lo and behold in mid-January, the 18th, if I’m not mistaken, a small parcel arrived. But it was so small, it couldn’t possibly be my bag, I thought. As I tore it open, a folded up item was inside, but it wasn’t what I ordered. The item’s number and description was the same but it didn’t look anything like what they advertised on the site. Rather than the classy upscale bag I imagined swaggering through the airport with, it was like a cheap knock-off bag you find at an outdoor flea market. And the smell, my god, the smell! It was heinous.

I had such high hopes for, but they certainly let me down. I promptly put the bag in the Goodwill pile and it is just a memory at this point. But I hope no one else falls prey to such a scam which is why I write this. If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. The search for my perfect carry on bag goes on.

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