Discovery: Lace Lock Tip for Sneakers

Traveling can take us far or near our homes. And often times traveling involves lots of walking. Many wear sneakers on trips, for the sake of comfort, but even the most comfortable shoes can give us blisters. This Lace Lock tip is a terrific way to avoid the blisters if you wear sneakers when you travel.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered why there was a extra shoelace hole on my shoe. I have never used it, but made an interesting discovery. It actually serves a very useful purpose. The extra hole can help to prevent blisters on your heels. When you use this extra hole for the lace lock or heel lock purpose it keeps the ankle / heel area tight and in place without having to stop and retighten your laces while you are running or walking.

Here is how to tie the lace lock. Insert the lace on one side in that last hole backwards, creating a small loop. Cross the laces and insert them into the loops on the opposite side then cinch them down. Make sure to pull down and not up because tightening upwards will leave the loop hanging out and you won’t get the effect of a snug fit. Pull downwards to ensure a tight lock that will keep your feet snug in your sneakers. Then simply tie your shoes as normal. That’s it. You’re good to go with a lace lock that will stay in place through your entire walk / run.

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