About Us

Haute Travels is run by managing editor, Malika Bowling. Bowling is a published author who’s been featured in the Hufington Post and frequently serves as a judge in Culinary cook offs. Malika was born in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, but only lived there for a couple months before she was adopted by two wonderful, loving people.

While in the orphanage, I was malnourished and mistreated to the point that when my adoptive parents came to get her, those managing the orphanage told them, “this baby will mostly likely die, you should choose another.” Determination led them to take their chances, literally smuggling the emaciated baby on a plane back to the United States. It was an incredible journey and they beat incredible odds, but that’s another story…

Malika grew up traveling to many countries of the world and developed a love of travel. Along with that love of travel, she developed a love of trying new foods and no travel experience would complete without trying some authentic food of the destination she is visiting.

Malika loves meeting new people and hearing their travel stories. Feel free to leave comments or email her directly at malika (at) hautetravels.net. Would you like to contribute your story to Haute Travels? Email Malika.